Trophy Guide

Use the camera controls to zoom in or out.
Rotate the left analogue stick to the left to zoom out, to the right to zoom in.

Use the pump controls to pump up and release completely an effect.
R1 and R2 are used for the pump controls. Hold R2 down to maximize an effect then hold L2 to put it back to normal

Use the right stick to crank up an effect.
Rotate either left or right to earn this trophy

Read the… Help Screen.
Second option down on the main menu, just enter it and you will earn this trophy

Issue any two button combo.
Read ‘Explorer’ trophy for more details.

Watch the demo mode to the end.
When you first get into the game don’t press start and just leave it a few minutes. Rob will be demonstrating all these techniques that he can do and at the end of it you get a lovely trophy, for doing nothing.

Look at Rob dancing.
Make sure the camera is on the right side of Rob’s body. There is a weird shape building, make Rob look at it by pressing X and O. The trophy should pop up that way.

Elephant Dance
Dance with four elephants around the chair.
Hold down R2 and L2 until they are fully changed, meaning you should have a red background and four elephant heads which are blue. Just rotate the right stick the complete way around so that all 4 elephants come out the chair and sit back down on it.
Thanks to pasufarin for the tip.
You might want to mention in the guide that the Elephant Dance trophy has to be obtained while in Carnival mode (not Elephant). That might be tripping up some people.
Thanks again for the guide.

Upload some music to your system, play that music while playing with detuned, and maximize one of the distortive sound effects.
For this trophy you need some music on your harddrive prepared. If you do so go to the 4th option on the main menu and then use some music. Hold down R2 until it is completely distorted.

Use all Modes at least once in a session.
This trophy requires you to use all the combos in the third option on the menu.
These are…

Triangle, Triangle
Triangle, Up
Triangle, Right
Triangle, Down
Triangle, Left
Circle, Up
Circle, Right
Circle, Down
Cross(x), Circle
Cross(x), Down
Cross(x), Left
Square, Right
Square, Left

It doesn’t have to be in any specific order to unlock the trophy.

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