Estimate difficulty: 2/10
Offline: 0
Online: 12
Approximate time: 20-30 Hours
Minimum number of play throughs needed: None
Missable trophies: 0
Glitched trophies: 1 ( Best Squad Trophy )
Cheats disable trophies: No Cheats

Trophy Breakdown: 7 4 1 0

Road Map
This game is ONLINE ONLY so you can’t miss any trophies and the trophies are very easy, You don’t need to read this Guide to finish it 100%
In Battlefield 1943, players are divided into two opposing sides. There are two key concepts in Battlefield 1943: tickets and control points. Tickets represent an army’s ability to reinforce their position on the battlefield; each team has only a limited supply of tickets, and each casualty on the battlefield reduces the number of available tickets. Control points represent key points on the map, and are represented by flags. Control points are Battlefield 1943’s spawn points, and one side possessing a significant majority of the control points puts pressure on the opposing side, resulting in a steady loss of tickets for the pressured side, regardless of casualties. A round ends when one team’s tickets fall to zero.

Trophy Guide

Attacker ( Bronze Trophy )
Capture five flags

You have to capture 5 flags. Go near enemy flags which are colored Red or neutral flags which are colored White and when you get close to the flag, a bar which looks like a Stop Watch will show up at the top. Once that bar fills with the color Blue, you have taken over that control point. Do this 5 times to get the trophy.

Best Squad ( Bronze Trophy )
Be in the best squad on all three maps

When the loading is complete press to start the game in a Squad, or you can make your own squad by pressing in the respawn view or press while playing then click on ” My Squad “, here you can make your own squad.
The total points you and your squad members get must be the best at the end of the match, Stay with your Squad members because everything you do with them gives you more points then you do it alone or with non squad members.
You must be in the best squad on Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.

GLITCH: Many people are having problem with this trophy, They got the Best Squad on all 3 maps and NO TROPHY.

SOLVE: Don’t join a Squad and try to be in the Best Players on all 3 maps, You don’t have to be 1st but in the BEST.

Tour of Duty II ( Silver Trophy )
Play one hundred matches

You have to play 100 matches NOT INCLUDING WINNING THE MATCH. I guess a match takes around 10-20 minutes. It won’t take long to get……… or maybe it will take long but the game is AWESOME !

Defender ( Bronze Trophy )
Defend five flags.

You need to defend 5 of your flags. When an enemy is attacking your Flag KILL HIM to get a Defend Point, You will get the Trophy without trying.

Master of your domain ( Silver Trophy )
Get one kill playing as each class.

All you have to do is get 1 kill in these classes:

Milkrun ( Bronze Trophy )
Fly a plane for 10 minutes.

The total time is Tracked so you won’t have any problem with it, You can find 2 planes on the carriers or in the base and 1 on the Air Fields. Get one if you get the chance and keep flying for 10 minutes.

Motorman ( Bronze Trophy )
Get one kill with car, tank and plane.

Just get 1 kill in a Car, Tank and a Plane. Press to enter a Vehicle.
Car: The car has a mounted gun and a position where you can shoot from, or you can just get a road kill which requires you to hit someone while driving.

Tank: Tanks are very powerful and they have a canon which can destroy everything and also a mounted gun which is good for Infantry enemies.

Plane: The plane have a very powerful mounted gun and a very powerful bomb which only can cause major damage to everything below you.
NOTE: Air Raid kills counts as plane kills.

Parachutist ( Bronze Trophy )
Use the parachute once (2 seconds).

You need to use the Parachute and glide using it for 2 Seconds. Just get on a plane and fly very high then jump and open the parachute by pressing . Be in the Air for 2 sec and when you reach the ground you will get the trophy.

The Pacific Campaign ( Gold Trophy )
Win once on every map as any team.

Easy Gold  All you have to do is win on each of the 3 Maps:
– Wake Island
– Guadalcanal
– Iwo Jima

Killing enemy soldiers is the key to winning. Every kill reduces the number of available tickets the enemy has. Try to capture the most flags to result a steady loss of the enemy tickets and because without them you can’t respawn in the battlefield.

Tour of Duty I ( Silver Trophy )
Play 30 matches .

This is just like Tour of Duty II But you have to play less games. Just finish 30 matches.

Veteran ( Silver Trophy )
Cap 25 enemy flags.

This is just like Attacker But you have to capture more flags. Just capture 25 flags.

Melee Man ( Bronze Trophy )
Melee kill one enemy player.

You have to kill someone with a Knife or a Wrench. Get close to someone and press to knife him. If you have problem with getting a kill, try sneaking up on someone.

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